Thursday, June 30, 2011

More from Pauline

Many thanks to Pauline from Oregon who sent in 3 more wrapped sets for the babies.

Pauline, your ongoing support is appreciated!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Thank you, Ruth!

Ruth from Seattle sent in another box of donations. This one included some soft flannel blankets and some pretty hats! Ruth always makes her hats so colorful! She combines different colors and textures for some really unique hats! I know that the kids and their moms will love them!

Thank you, Ruth, for your continued support!

Donations from Riverbank, CA

These lovely burp cloths, hats and booties were mailed in b y a Ms. Moore from Riverbank, Ca. They are so pretty! We can always use more bib cloths, and the hats and booties are darling and use nice yarn.

Thank you so much for your generous donation! These will be packed up this week for the kids!

Thank you, Kelly!

Kelly from Farmingdale, NY read on Facebook that we needed more donations, and sent in these darling bib and washcloth sets. I love all the different patterns that she used, and the cute flower and button embellishments that she added to some of them!
Thank you so much, Kelly! These will help a lot!

A cute hat

This adorable hat arrived in the mail this week. I don't know who to thank for it because the envelope arrived damaged. The hat is precious though, and my thanks go out to whoever made and donated it!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Gorgeous donations from Denise in CA

Today I received a box of donations from Denise in California. I have been crocheting for years, and I have never seen anything like Denise's work. I have no idea what stitches she used or how she got the effects that she did, but her work is just amazing!

The pink blanket on the left has a really beautiful textured stripe pattern. I wish I knew how this stitch was done - the photo does not show how beautiful it is. The blanket is edged in a white lacy border - it's just lovely.

The blue blanket is done in a spiral hexagon motif that is really unique and lovely.

The pink and purple stripe has a slanted stitch design that is really interesting and unique.

There is a basket weave blanket that is soft and drapes beautifully. It is unlike any basket weave stitch that I have ever done.

The last blanket is created of blue and green lacy squares, and is just stunning.

In addition to the blankets, Denise made several hats and two really cute head bands.

Thank you so very much, Denise! These gifts are stunning and are sure to become treasured family heirlooms!

A thank you note.

"Dear Marine Corps Kids,

I just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful gift you sent for my little girl. I really enjoy hand-made items and believe they are better than the store bought items. Hand made items mean more. My mother always made us blankets, scarfs, booties/slippers when my brothers, sister and I were growing up. Your gift means a lot to me and once again I thank you for it. May God bless you all.

Autumn and Tracy Stanley"

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Blankets from Kathleen

Kathleen from CT read on Facebook that we need more baby items and immediately mailed out a box! She sent 4 beautiful blankets! They are lovely, soft, and great sizes for newborns! I know that the new babies and their moms will just love them.

Thank you so much, Kathleen, for your generous gift to Marine Corps Kids!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

More from our Girl Scout troop!

Our Girl Scout Troop in Florida is staying busy making more gifts for the babies. Today I received another package from them. It is so wonderful to see their work! The items that they are making are truly beautiful, and these young girls are becoming expert knitters, crocheters, and seamstresses!

The troop leader (and mother of one of the girls) wrote:

"Here are more baby items for Marine Corps Kids. Hope the families like them.

We really enjoy making them. The parents in my troop think this is such a great cause. They all have been talking about the blog I sent to the Girl Scout Council in my town.

Thanks again. We have recruited a few people in the neighborhood and family and friends, and they are also making things for your cause."

I am so touched that these young girls have chosen to support our military in this way, and are also recruiting others so help. Girls, if you are reading this, you should be very very proud of yourselves. Not only are you making beautiful hand-crafted items, but you are supporting the families of our military who sacrifice so much for all of us. Thank you all so much!

Another thank you note.

" Thank you so much for the beautiful handmade baby items. It has all gone to good use including the ball that has occupied my 3 year old while I breastfeed.

Again, thank you so much.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A message from a Family Readiness Officer

"MCK serves a great purpose. It's always a beautiful sight to see a kids face light up over a new hat or scarf and the parents love them too. Then we get into discussions about where they came from, who made them, etc...

You're a great partner organization to have in this Marine Corps Community."

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thank you, Lynn!

Lynn from Arizona sent in two more boxes of her wonderful hats for the babies! If you follow Marine Corps Kids, you know that Lynn has donated literally thousands of hats over the last few years!

Thank you so much, Lynn! Your generosity is so appreciated!

Reaching families abroad....

I just received an e-mail from one of the Family Readiness Officers who used to distribute our gifts at Camp Miramar. She is now the FRO for two commands stationed in Germany. She writes:

"Because we are in a foreign country, we do not have the resources at our finger-tips like we have in the US. I am trying to assist new moms and dads. It's scary to be a first time parent, it's another experience to deliver your baby in a foreign country in a non-English speaking hospital. I was hoping you could provide some of the hand-made items for babies such as baby beanies, blankets, booties, etc."

Of course I was delighted to receive her message! We are actively trying to reach as many families around the world as we can, and we will be very happy to send baby gifts to our military families serving in Germany!

I know that all of our charitable donors will be happy to hear that we are expanding our efforts to bases in other countries. The winters are cold in Germany, and the families there will be so appreciative of the beautiful items that our crafters so lovingly make!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Thank you, Judy!

Many thanks to long time donor Judy from Pennsylvania for the beautiful assortment of cotton wash cloths, bibs and hats that she crocheted! These are such great gifts! You can never have to many bibs or wash cloths, and the cotton is so absorbent!

Judy, I always love the items you make for the kids! Thank you so much for your continued support!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Reaching more babies

We at Marine Corps Kids try to send care packages out to as many new military babies as we can. We are associated with the Marine Corps Family Foundation, but will send out gifts to babies born to deployed fathers in any branch of the military.

If you are a Marine Corps Family, or know of a military family that is expecting a little one, please feel free to contact me at delia.mck at gmail dot com. I'll be happy to send out a gift to welcome the new bundle of joy!

Thank you!

Sassy Stitchers

Last week I received a very large box from the Sassy Stitchers group in Oregon. These ladies are extremely talented, and do an amazing amount of craft work to support our military.

In this box we received gorgeous blankets, sweaters, hats, booties, mitts and more! The quality of the work is lovely, and the finished pieces are just darling! I can't wait to pack these items up for the families! I know that they will be treasured for years to come!!!