Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanks to the Sassy Stichers

The ladies in the Sassy Stitcher group from Oregon sent in another box of beautiful gifts for the babies. This time they included several knit and crocheted blankets, two sweater sets, many cute hats, and some darling fleece scarves for some of the older children.

These ladies are incredibly talented, and are so generous with their support of our military families! Thanks to all of you for your ongoing support!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

A thank you note

"Dear Marine Corps Kids:

Thank you so much for the baby blanket, burpie, booties and hats. It is so nice to have you think of us as we prepare for baby. We are due Dec. 18 with our first son & can't wait to meet him. My husban will be here for the birth and will deploy with 1/7 in March.

Many Thanks,
Captain & Mrs. Lonnie Wison & Baby"

Our thanks to your family for your service and sacrifice! Best of luck to you and your family as your little one arrives!

Thank you, Barbara!

Barbara from Florida read about Marine Corps Kids in the October issue of First For Women magazine, and wanted to knit some hats to support our military families. She sent in a box full of lovely warm hats in beautiful baby colors.

Thank you so much, Barbara! We're so happy that you decided to join our family of crafters!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Donations from the Girl Scouts

Our Florida Girl Scout Troop just sent in another box of donations for the babies. These girls are so warmhearted and generous. I love that they are using charitable crafting and support of our military as their special project! (The girls have also made and donated Christmas Stockings to Operation Santa).

This time the girls made several blankets, hats, wash cloths and booties for the babies. You can see their skills developing with each package they send! There are making more challenging projects and are doing such a great job! They should be so proud of themselves! I know I'm proud of them!

Thank you, Sassy Stitchers!

The Sassy Stitchers group from Oregon sent in another box of beautiful gifts for the babies. Inside were these gorgeous hats, mitts and booties. I wish the photo better illustrated how talented these ladies are. The texture and detail in these pieces are so lovely!

They also sent in 8 colorful and textured burp cloths. I thought that they were too pretty for burp duty, but the ladies attached a note to each cloth explaining that studies show that babies who have colorful and textured burp cloths and higher SAT scores later than babies with plain burp cloths. I love that these ladies are thinking of the babies comfort and happiness now and down the road.

Thank you ladies for your ongoing support!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thank you, Charlene

Charlene from Utica New York writes:

"May God bless you and all who are serving our country. My husband served in WWII in Pacific and Korean war.

Found you in First magazine. I had these capes made so am sending to you to help families whose fathers are deployed."

Thank you Charlene, for these beautiful caps and for your family's service and sacrifice!

I had a hard time getting a good photograph of these hats and took the close up picture to try and show the gorgeous detail in Charlene's work. The hats are really lovely!

Thank you, Iris

Another box arrived today from Iris in Mississippi. In it were 7 gorgeous blankets!

Iris wrote: "May these blankets bring warmth and comfort to the babies and their families at this joyful time of the year."

Thank you, Iris. I'm sure that they will!

Thank you, Pauline

Today another two wrapped sets arrived from Pauline in Oregon.

Thank you so much, Pauline! Your support of our troops is wonderful!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

More from Martha

This weekend I received a box from Martha in Oklahoma. In it were 2 gorgeous blanket, hat and bootie sets. These sets are really beautiful, and I know that the babies and new moms are going to love them.

Thank you so much, Martha! These are wonderful!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thank you, Lynn!

Lynn from Kentucky sent in another huge box of crocheted hats for the babies! I love all the pretty colors she uses!

This time she also included an adorable baby cocoon / hat set. It's so cute, and I know that it will keep one of our Marine Corps Babies warm and cozy this winter!

Thank you, Lynn, for your ongoing support!!

Thank you, Cathi!

These cute hats were made by Cathi from California. I'm sure that the new moms who receive these will be thrilled!

Thank you so much, Cathi! We are very happy to welcome you to our family of donors!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Thank you, Faith!

Today I received a box from Faith in Washington State. Faith is a new to Marine Corps Kids and sent in some really beautiful pieces!

In the photo you can see a really beautiful pink quilt, 4 adorable pairs of booties, and 3 sweet terry cloth bibs. I love them!

Thank you so much, Faith! These items will be packed up for the babies soon!

edited 11-15-11: Wow! Just got a comment about this donation on Facebook from Faith's mom. Faith, who made all these, is just 13 years old! So much talent and such a giving heart in one so young! Thank you so much, Faith!!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Help us grow

Marine Corps Kids is just one of the great project supported by the Marine Corps Family Foundation. If you like the work that Marine Corps Kids does, please help us by writing a review about Marine Corps Kids on the Marine Corps Family Foundation site on This can help us attract new volunteers and reach more families.
Please write a review today!
Thank you!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thank you, Ruth

Ruth from Seattle is one of our most active donors. She has made so many beautiful things for Marine Corps Kids.

Today I received a box filled with 11 flannel receiving blankets, 4 burp cloths and 3 gorgeous knit blankets.

Thank you so much, Ruth! Your ongoing generosity is appreciated!!!

Thank you, Marcha

Marcha from Oklahoma sent in two gorgeous sets for the babies. Each set includes a lovely blanket, adorable booties, and a sweet hat.

Thank you so much Marcha! Your work is lovely and the families are going to be delighted to receive these!!

Thank you, Karen!

Karen from Wisconsin works with fleece and sends in soft and warm projects for the babies and children.

I just received a box from her of gifts for the older children for our holiday drive. You can see tote bags, scarves and blankets that Karen made.

Thank you so much for your continued support, Karen!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thank you, Sharon

This adorable sweater and bootie set was made and donated by Sharon from Colorado. This little sweater is soooooo adorable. The photos do not do it justice! I love the neckline and the yarn used!

This sweater is going to make a little guy and his mommy very happy this winter! Thank you, Sharon!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

More from Oregon

A box arrived yesterday from Oregon. In it were 3 gorgeous blankets and some cute hats and booties.

There was no note in the box, so I'm not sure who to thank for these lovely donations. We have many talented crafters in Oregon.

If you made these, please leave a comment so that I can properly thank you! These gifts are beautiful and will be treasured by the families who receive them!

(11/3/11) Thank you to the commenter who notified me that the middle blanket with the diagonal pattern was made by Flo from Oregon! Flo is new to crochet, and obviously learning very quickly! The blanket is gorgeous!