Friday, April 20, 2012

Here's Looking at You, Ruth!

Ruth from Seattle is a long time donor to Marine Corps Kids, and has sent in many lovely blankets, hats and bibs for the babies.  Today she shares a bit about herself:

What brought you to Marine Corps Kids?
I found MCK online.  I had been knitting hats for some time and was not satisfied that the organization for which I was making them really needed them.  There seemed to be more than enough to go around and I wanted to find an organization where my handiwork would be put to good use.  
How long have you been crafting, and how did you learn?
 I have been knitting and sewing since I was a girl.  My mother was an excellent seamstress and knitter and she helped me learn.

Aside from crafting for Marine Corps Kids, how do you enjoy to spend your free time?
 In addition to sewing and knitting for MCK, I volunteer twice a week at a local cat shelter (11 years now), volunteer once a week at the local VA medical center (1 year), and also manage to fit in a visit to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Ut at least once per year.  On our last visit (myself, spouse and grandson), we delivered 761 fleece blankets I made for the cats and another 20 or so for the dogs.  I will do almost anything to put off cleaning the house.

OOPS! Have you ever suffered a crafting-related injury or mishap?
I don't remember suffering any craft-related injuries, although my fingers looked like pin cushions when I used to quilt.  

No waffling on this one: Chocolate or Vanilla?
DARK chocolate, please
Finish the sentence: In the kitchen I make a great: _____________________(feel free to share your recipe if it isn’t a secret)
 In the kitchen.......not so much.  I cook enough to feed myself and that's about it.  Toast?

Have you or any of your family served in the armed forces?
My husband is a Viet Nam veteran.

 Thank you so much, Ruth, for all you do!  We so appreciate it!  And please thank your husband for his service!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thank you, Ruth!

Ruth from Seattle has been very busy! She just sent another box of really wonderful hand-crafted items for the babies. I don't know why all my photos come out so poorly, but trust me, these blankets and bibs are gorgeous!

The first photo shows some cute two-sided receiving blankets with matching burp cloths. The fabrics Ruth chose are adorable and so soft! The next photo shows 11 darling bibs. Love the fringe edges on these. In the third photo you can see a very sweet patchwork quilt, and the fourth photo shows four great diagonal striped knit blankets.

I'm not sure where Ruth finds the time to make all these lovely gifts! In addition to being a long-time donor to Marine Corps Kids, Ruth donates a lot of time to her local cat rescue.

Thank you so much, Ruth! The new moms will be thrilled when they receive these gifts!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Thank you, Faith

I package arrived today from Faith in Washington State. I opened it and was delighted to see some gorgeous knitted booties, and some truly adorable store-bought booties and a bib. Then I looked closer - none of it was store-bought! All these darling items were hand made by Libby! They are unbelievably cute, and so professionally made!

Faith's talent is amazing, and what is even more impressive is that Faith is a young teen. She is only 13! She's very young to be so accomplished and so talented, and she's awfully sweet to be donating her wonderful creations to help our military families!

Thank you so much, Faith, for your continued support!!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Thank you, Christen!

Christen from Oregon is a new donor to Marine Corps Kids, and has sent in some really wonderful gifts! I know that the new moms will be thrilled with this gorgeous sweater set, these cute hats, booties, bib and wash clothes.

Thank you so much, Christen, for donating through Marine Corps Kids. The families who receive these gifts will be thrilled!

Thank you, Sharon!

Sharon from Colorado sent in 11 darling bibs for the babies. We are always in need of bibs, and these are so cute and colorful!

Thank you so much, Sharon, for your continued support.

And many thanks, also, to your son, for his military service!

Thank you, Dianne!

Dianne from Florida made 5 darling hats for the babies! These will be packed up soon, and on their way to the families.

Thank you so much, Dianne, for supporting our military through Marine Corps Kids!

More gifts from Pauline

Pauline from Oregon is such a generous donor to Marine Corps Kids!

This week two more gift sets arrived from Pauline.

Your continued support is so appreciated! Thank you!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

More from Hooks, Yarn and Bars and Aunt Ella's Pathways

This week we received another box of donations forAunt Ella's Pathways and from the men in the Hooks, Yarns and Bars group. These men and women have so much talent and have donated to so many great organizations. I'm delighted that they include Marine Corps Kids in their charitable gifting!

This time we received 21 adorable crocheted dresses made by Carol from Aunt Ellas Pathways and and two darling sweaters made by Mike from Hooks, Yarns and Bars. They will soon be packed up and on their way to many lucky babies!!

Thank you, Mike!

These gorgeous sweater sets were created by Mike from the Hooks, Yarns and Bars group. The sweaters are so cute and the matching hats and booties make for lovely sets.

I don't think the photo does justice to the beautiful blanket that was also sent in!

Thank you so much, Mike. The families who receive these will be delighted!

Thank you, Iris

Iris from Mississippi has sent in many beautiful baby blankets for Marine Corps Kids. This week she sent in 7 more.

Thank you so much, Iris! These are lovely!

More blankets from Molly

Molly sent in 3 large boxes containing 40 of her super-fluffy baby blankets! These blankets are incredibly soft and cuddly, and Molly makes them in so many great colors!

Many many thanks for your continued support, Molly!

Thank you Joanne and Charlene

Many thanks to mother and daughter team Joanne and Charlene from New York for the big box of beautiful hats that they mailed in this week.

These ladies crocheted and knit 41 beautiful hats for the babies and kids!

Thank you so much for your continued support!!