Monday, April 16, 2012

Thank you, Faith

I package arrived today from Faith in Washington State. I opened it and was delighted to see some gorgeous knitted booties, and some truly adorable store-bought booties and a bib. Then I looked closer - none of it was store-bought! All these darling items were hand made by Libby! They are unbelievably cute, and so professionally made!

Faith's talent is amazing, and what is even more impressive is that Faith is a young teen. She is only 13! She's very young to be so accomplished and so talented, and she's awfully sweet to be donating her wonderful creations to help our military families!

Thank you so much, Faith, for your continued support!!


Anonymous said...

Haha... those stuffs are not made by me, but by my daughter, 13-year-old Faith. I have no idea how to make booties or bibs! :)


Wormie said...

Thank you, Libby! I updated the post to reflect that Faith made these. Got the age right, but the name wrong. You must be so proud of your daughter!!