Saturday, March 28, 2009

Miscelaneous Things

These are a few things that I've recently made for Marine Corps Kids.

The little purple hat isn't anything special, but it's my very first knit project, and I hope that some baby will like it.

The fleece train blanket has a simple slip-stitch edging that I designed. It's a very fast and easy way to make a baby blanket. If anyone is interested, the pattern is available here.

The little jacket was also made with a simple edging and my edgerydoo. I think it's cute and it only takes a few hours to create a small jacket or sweater like this.

The two carriage covers are crochet-weave blankets that I made. These took a bit longer to make, but were a lot of fun.

I hope that our military moms and their babies will be able to use these projects.

Lynn, That's a Whole Lotta Love!

Lynn from Arizona is one of our most active donors. I once referred to Lynn as our "Mad Hatter" because she has literally sent thousands of baby hats to Marine Corps Kids! Each hat Lynn makes and sends represents the love that she shares.

Lynn, I hope you know how many families have received your beautiful hats, and how many babies you've helped to keep warm and comfortable.

These photos show several hundred hats that I received from Lynn this week. I love the colors, and I know that our Military Mom's will appreciate the talent and thought that went into each and every hat.

Thank you, Lynn!

Other quilted projects from Gailya

In addition to the quilts in my last post, Gailya sent this adorable quilted bibs and changing pads for Marine Corps Kids.

Gailya, everything is beautiful, and I and everyone associated with Marine Corps Kids appreciate your talent and your generosity in sharing these beautiful gifts with our Military Families!

More Quilts from Gailya

Gailya from NC has sent us more of her quilted art. Here are the newest quilts that she sent.

I hope these photos do a bit of justice in showing how beautiful Gailya's sewing is. Every quilt is gorgeous, and I know that they will be treasured by our new Marine Mom's and their precious babies.

Thank you, Gailya!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

More lovely gifts from Kansas!

Our friends in Kansas have sent us more beautiful creations!

All of these adorable booties where made by Judy. I just love the crossover pattern! So cute and soft, and I'm thinking that the design helps to keep them on tiny feet!

The yellow blanket was made by Patricia and edged by Patsy. It's quite large and is soft and beautiful. For some reason the photo has washed out the color - it's a very cheery yellow - the yellow booties match the blanket.

Thank you ladies! These are beautiful and the babies will just love them!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

All the little fishies!

It's always fun opening packages from Judy from PA! Judy makes beautiful hats and bibs, but she seems to specialize in stuffed toys and pillows! Her creations are always delightful, and it's so fun to open a new box of donations to see little faces smiling back at me!

This time it was fish! These adorable stuffed fish are cute and colorful and will be a delight for tiny tots! The little stuffed "kisses" are beyond cute! The perfect size for tiny hands to grab onto and love. Judy also sent some tooth fairy pillows, bibs and hats. They're all beautiful!

I'm getting ready to put together another carton to send for the new babies on base, and I know that they and their moms will love these beautiful gifts!

Thank you Judy for all that you do for Marine Corps Kids!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

More Hats from Barbara!

Barbara from New Hampshire sent five more beautiful hats for the kids.

I don't know what kind of yarn was used, but these hats are so very soft and warm, and the colors are just gorgeous!

I know that some lucky newborns will stay warm and cozy in these pretty hats.

Thank you, Barbara, for your continued support!