Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day

This Memorial Day let's remember all our fallen troops, and honor those who are still serving.

One way to honor our troops is to support their families through groups like Marine Corps Kids.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

RIP Gailya

A bright light has been extinguished. Rest in peace, Gailya. I will miss you.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Thank you, Bree!

My friend Bree from Missouri sent in these adorable diaper covers and hats.

The diaper covers are so cute! The two pink ones have ruffles on the back that are just too darling. The hats are soft and comfie and just perfect!

Thank you so much Bree!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sad News

Those of you who have followed the Marine Corps Kids blog will be familiar with the name Gailya and the beautiful quilts that she has made and donated to Marine Corps Kids. Gailya has been one of our most prolific donors making many dozens of gorgeous quilts for the babies.

Recently Gailya underwent some very serious surgery, and her prognosis is not good. Marine Corps Kids will be losing a wonderful donor, and I am losing a beloved friend.

Through our work with Marine Corps Kids, Gailya and I have become dear friends. I can honestly say that I have come to love Gailya, and that knowing her has enriched my life. Her enormous spirit and her unbelievable generosity are qualities that I would like to emulate. She is truly a remarkable woman.

I hope that all the babies that received one of Gailya's quilts will feel a bit of her glorious spirit, and that the love that she put into her quilting will touch all the Marine Corps families that received her gifts.

Gailya, thank you - for your generous donations to Marine Corps Kids, but mostly for being my friend. I love you.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Thank you, Carla!

Carla is a proud Marine and Army Mom from Oregon. When she recently read about Marine Corps Kids on Facebook, she decided to craft for us.

She sent in a very large box filled with the most beautiful sleep sacks and jackets. The workmanship is just gorgeous! The sacks are very soft and are decorated with ribbons, rosettes and cute buttons. She also made matching hats and booties to go with the jackets and sacks.

Thank you so much, Carla! I know that the new moms will be just delighted to receive such lovely presents!!

The photos here show just a tiny sampling of the items that Carla sent in.

Thank you, Judy!

Judy from PA is one of Marine Corps Kids long time donors. She's contributed so many delightful items over the years.

In response to our recent request for donations, Judy made these bibs and wash clothes for the babies.

Thank you so much, Judy! As always, your donations are very much appreciated!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Thank you, Karen!

Karen from Wisconsin sent in 3 fleece receiving blankets and 3 tote bags for the kids! Thank you so much, Karen! Your continued support of Marine Corps Kids is appreciated! These items will be packed for the kids this weekend, and off to great the newborns!!

Thank you, Lori!

These burping cloths were made by Lori from Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin. On one side they are flannel and the the other side terrycloth. They're a wonderful design!

Thank you Lori! These will be packed up for the kids today!

Blankets from Oregon

I just received these three blankets from crafters in Oregon. I believe that they were made by Ruth.

Thank you so much! They'll be packed up today for the babies at Camp Miramar!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Thank you to Rust-Oleum Cares!

I received a box of great hats and booties today fro Shawn Schneider with "Rust-Oleum Cares". The letter that accompanied the box reads:

Dear Marine Corps Kids,

Rust-Oleum Corportation believes that quality of life is contingent upon vitality, vibrancy and wellness of our associates and the community. As such, we choose to support organizations, causes and activities that strengthen education, eradicate poverty, promote wellness and serve the needs of others.

We have several items we'd like to pass along to you for the kids of the Marine Corps families. Please accept this donation on behalf of the "Rust-Oleum Cares Program" supporters here in Pleasant Prairie, WI.

We greatly appreciate your daily sacrifices. This is just our way of saying "Thank-You" to all the men and women serving the United States to uphold so many freedoms we too often take for granted.


Shawn Schneider
"Rust-Oleum Cares"
Rust-Oleum Corporation
Many thanks to Shawn and to everyone n Pleasant Prairie who is involved in this corporate initiative. Your donations are very much appreciated!!

Thank you Becky and Maurine!

Becky and Maureen from Minnesota sent in some lovely baby hats and blankets! Thank you both for your beautiful work!

This is one instance where my photographs really do an injustice to the crafts. The blankets and the hooded blanket wrap are just gorgeous, and the hats are sized for newborns and are just darling.

I will be packing these items up for the babies at Miramar this weekend.

Thank you, Kelly!

Kelly from NY sent 3 darling outfits for the babies! There is a dress and a sweater/hat set for girls, and an adorable top and pants for a boy. They're wonderful!

Thank you so much, Kelly! We can always use more items of clothing, and these outfits are just precious. I'll be packing them up this weekend to send to the new babies at Miramar!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

More bibs from Beverly

Beverly from Alabama made 34 darling bibs to send to the kids! Thank you Beverly! A new baby can never have too many bibs, and these are so cute! They'll be on their way to Camp Miramar soon!

Thank you, Sara!

My good friend Sara from NYC crocheted 3 adorable pairs of Uggs for the babies. Are these not the cutest little things? I love them!

She also made this adorable US Marine Corps Cap.

Thank you, Sara! I'll be packing these up shortly for babies at Camp Miramar!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

More goodies from Dana

Dana from Minnesota sent in a large package of goodies for Marine Corps Kids!

Shown here are some hats, some hat and mitt sets, a gorgeous blanket, some very cute bibs, and a great sleeper sack and hat set.

Thank you Dana! Everything is wonderful and will soon be packed up and on the way to the new babies at Camp Miramar!

Monday, May 3, 2010

More hats from Ruth

Ruth in Seattle sent 42 colorful hats for the kids! This photo shows just a small sample of the hats received.

As always, the hats are a delightful blend of colors and textures! They're soft and colorful and will be on their way to the kids soon.

Thank you, Ruth! Your donations are always appreciated!

Thank you, Barbara!

Long time donor Barbara from New Hampshire made these 5 cute hats for Marine Corps Kids. Barbara's hats are always a big hit - they're soft and warm and always so cute.

Barbara also sent a few store bought items which will be included in the packages that we send out soon for Camp Miramar.

Thank you, Barbara, for your continued support!

Thank you, Lynn!

My dear friend Lynn from Iowa made these two adorable fleece blankets for Marine Corps Kids.
Lynn is an accomplished jeweler, but claims a fear of fabric. I don't believe her because these blankets are soft and warm and sure to be a big hit with our new Marine Corps Moms!

Thank you so much Lynn! These blankets are perfect and are very much appreciated!

A hat from Oregon

Whoever made this adorable hat didn't include her name in the package, so I can't thank her by name. I appreciate the donation though! This hat is adorable. I love the fun spirals on top. It's going to look precious on one of the new Marine Corps babies!!

My mailbox over-floweth!!!

What a lovely surprise I had today when I went to get the mail - four packages for Marine Corps Kids!!! I'm so thrilled with the response we've had to our call for donations! Thank you to everyone who is crafting for the cause!!!!

Today I received 2 blankets and a lot of cute hats. I'm going to take some photos and then I'll post all of the items received.

We still need more blankets, booties, bibs, sweaters and toys.

Thank you all for your generosity!!