Sunday, October 20, 2013

Recent Donations

Please forgive me - I have been remiss in posting donations as they arrive, but donations continue to arrive and gifts for the babies continue to go out. 

You can see a photo album of all the recent donations on our Facebook Page

A big huge thank you to everyone who has sent in these beautiful gifts! 

Ruth from Oregon
Cyndy from Florida
Faith from Washington
Pauline from Oregon
Autumn from 29 Palms
Lauri from Minnesota
Alfreda from Pennyslvania
and all the crafters from the Buttonwood Campground in Lewistown, PA for their amazing gifts!

Here are just a few highlights from the album.  I hope that you will click the link above to see everything that these wonderful ladies have so generously donated!

These gorgeous sweater sets are just a small sampling of the lovely gifts made by Ruth from Oregon.  She also sent in some gorgeous blankets, receiving blankets and burp cloths.

These are just two of the big thick blankets made and donated by Cyndy from Florida.

These darling bibs are just a sampling of the donations for 14 year old Faith from Washington State.  Faith also made some amazing sewn jackets and a blanket/sleeper set.  So much talent from one so young!!!

This adorable stuffed toy, and these hats were donated by Autumn from 29 Palms.  Autumn is a Marine Corps Mom, and we thank you for your lovely gifts and for your family's service!

These gorgeous hats were made and donated by Alfeda from Pennsylvania through Giving Artfully

Many thanks to Sitinee - the founder of Giving Artfully - for including Marine Corps Kids in her project lists and for sending several new donors our way!

Thanks to Pauline from Oregon for sending two more gift sets for the babies.  Every month or so I get another box from Pauline.  She is one of our most active donors.

These tree photos show just a sampling of the lovely blankets, hats and booties sent in by the many crafters from the Buttonwood Campground in Lewistown, Pa.  You can see all of the photos in the Facebook album linked above.  I don't know how many crafters worked to create all these amazing gifts, but we are so grateful for your continued support.  Thank you all!

Last but not least, we have some leg warmers and ear warmers for the older children.  These were made by Laurie from Minnesota. 

Thank you to all for these lovely gifts.  They will all be bundled up soon and sent on their way to the children.  Your continued support helps us to reach many military families.  I know that they appreciate your support, and so do I.