Sunday, November 29, 2009

More hats from Barbara

Barbara from New Hampshire sent another box of her adorable knit hats!

They are so plush and warm - I know the new moms will be delighted with them!

I just love the yarns and colors that Barbara uses. The hats are really beautiful!

Thank you so much, Barbara, for your continued generosity!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Thank you, Rosie!

Roswitha from Madison Alabama has been busy all year making things for Marine Corps Kids! Today I received two boxes from Rosie, and am just speechless over the beautiful sweaters, hats, booties and blankets that she has donated!

The box is filled with the most delightful sweaters, hats, booties and blankets! These are intricate patterns and lovely yarns! I'm actually quite shocked that so much could have been made in just a year!

Thank you, Rosie! The new moms and their babies will most certainly be delighted with these gifts!

Magnolia Senior Center Knitting Group

Today I received two large boxes from the members of the Magnolia Senior Center Knitting Group in Long Beach, NY.

I wish I could describe the feeling I get when I open a box and so much love and talent comes pouring out. It's really amazing! The Magnolia Center group has sent blankets and hats, booties, and sweaters. The photos only show a few of the delightful items that they so lovingly made and donated.

With the package came came a letter and copies of two Newsday write ups on the group. The knitting group is very active making blankets and hats for local veterans and hospitals. I am just delighted that they chose to support our military families through their beautiful donations to Marine Corps Kids.

These photos show only a few of the magnificent items donated by the group.

On behalf of everyone at Marine Corps Kids, my sincere thanks go out to every member of the Magnolia Center group. I know that the new moms and their babies will be delighted by your gifts!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Thank you, Forrest G James Ladies Auxiliary

My sincere thanks go out to the ladies of the Forrest G. James Unit Marine Corps Ladies Auxiliary. This group read about Marine Corps Kids on our website, and sent a very generous check to support our efforts.

The money donated will be used for postage to mail our care packages to the new moms and their babies.

Thank you so much for your generosity!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Thank you, Gailya

Yesterday I received another box from Gailya. In in were these beautiful hand-crafted items.

The pink blanket is a thick basketweave. It's just gorgeous, and Gailya crocheted a bonnet to match. The second blanket is crocheted in soft baby colors and will be a beautiful blanket to swaddle a baby in.

Gailya made several of her fabulous ribbon clothes for the babies, and two magnificent quilts. I just love the traditional design of these quilts, and I know that the new moms will as well!

Finally, with all the handmade goodies Gailya included a collection of stuffed animals and beanie babies. These will be donated next month during our holiday gift drive. I know that the older kids will just love these stuffed toys!

Thank you, Gailya, for continuing to share your talent with Marine Corps Kids!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thank you, Sandy

These beautiful hats and booties were made by Sandy from Ohio.
They are just darling, and I know that they'll be cherished by the moms who receive them!

Thank you, Sandy!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Thank you, Theresa!

These 11 beautiful receiving blankets were made and donated by Theresa from Texas.

Theresa selected the most darling fabrics to create her adorable blankets from! I know that our new Marine Corps Moms will be delighted to swaddle their babies in these sweet blankets!

Thank you, Theresa!