Monday, November 23, 2009

Magnolia Senior Center Knitting Group

Today I received two large boxes from the members of the Magnolia Senior Center Knitting Group in Long Beach, NY.

I wish I could describe the feeling I get when I open a box and so much love and talent comes pouring out. It's really amazing! The Magnolia Center group has sent blankets and hats, booties, and sweaters. The photos only show a few of the delightful items that they so lovingly made and donated.

With the package came came a letter and copies of two Newsday write ups on the group. The knitting group is very active making blankets and hats for local veterans and hospitals. I am just delighted that they chose to support our military families through their beautiful donations to Marine Corps Kids.

These photos show only a few of the magnificent items donated by the group.

On behalf of everyone at Marine Corps Kids, my sincere thanks go out to every member of the Magnolia Center group. I know that the new moms and their babies will be delighted by your gifts!

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