Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thank you, Martha!

Martha from Oklahoma sent in another wonderful package for the babies.  This box included 3 really beautiful blanket/hat sets. 

Once again, the photo does not do justice to these lovely items, but I hope you can see all the love that went into making them.  They are beautiful, and I know that the moms who receive them for their little ones will be delighted!

Thank you, Martha, for your ongoing support and generosity!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Thank you, Emily!

Emily from Pennsylvania is a new donor to Marine Corps Kids.  She sent in 3 beautiful baby blankets, a sweet infant hat, and all these darling baby headbands!

Thank you so much, Emily!  We are delighted to have you join our family of crafters!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Thank you, Mary Lou!!!!

Wow!!!  Today 3 boxes arrived from Mary Lou in Pennsylvania.   The contained 12 gorgeous blankets, 5 darling sweaters and an adorable dress!

I hope the photos show how intricate these patterns are!  These were not fast or simple projects to complete, and I can't imagine how much time Mary Lou spent to create all these gorgeous gifts!

Thank you so very much, Mary Lou!  These gifts are sure to become cherished heirlooms by the families that receive them!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

From Sharon

Sharon from Colorado sent in this absolutely precious vest and bootie set!  I just love the color combination and the beautiful cable design!

I know that the mom who receives this for her little man will just adore it.

Thank you so much, Sharon!   This set is beautiful, and your continued support is appreciated!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Thank you, Lori

Lori from Wisconsin sewed these lovely items for the kids!  There are several two-sided receiving blankets, some fleece hats, and an adorable fabric Yogi the Bear book.

These are wonderful, Lori, and will be on there way to the little ones soon.  Thank you for your ongoing support!

Thank you, Karen

Karen from Wisconsin in a long time donor to Marine Corps Kids.  This week she sent in another 4 fleece blankets for the babies.  These are so soft and warm - I know that they will be treasured! 
Thank you also, Karen, for sending in ribbon to wrap the gifts!  We wrap a lot of baby bundles, and the ribbon donations are so appreciated!

Thank you, Martha!

These beautiful blankets and caps were hand-made by Martha from Oklahoma.  I hope the photo shows the lovely patterns that Martha used!  Each blanket is unique and really gorgeous! 

Thank you, Martha, for your continued support.  These blankets will be packed up and sent to the babies very soon!

Thank you, Mary

These lovely hats were crocheted by Mary from Georgia. 

I love all the different colors and patterns!  Thank you so much, Mary.  I have to pack up about 100 new gift bundles for the babies, and these hats will be on their way to the children very soon!!

More from Molly

I don't know where Molly from Oregon finds the time to make so many of these soft and cuddly blankets for the babies!  Last week I received another 11 blankets from Molly!!!  The photo shows just a few of them.  I wish you could feel how soft and wonderful they are!!

Thank you, Molly!

More from Pauline

Last week Pauline from Oregon sent in two more sets for the babies!

Thank you so much, Pauline, for your continued support!  Your generosity is beautiful!