Thursday, August 30, 2012

To all of our wonderful crafters...

I am honored and delighted to have received this lovely certificate and letter of thanks on behalf of all of you.   You amaze me with each donation sent in.  There is so much love and talent in this group, and it is my privilege to work with all of you to fulfill Marine Corps Kids' mission.

This certificate and letter of thanks was sent by Lieutenant Colonel Poland, the Commanding Officer of the 1st Tank Battalion at Twentynine Palms, California.  I know that all of you will be as touched by his words as I am.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Thank you, Lynn!

Many thanks to Lynn from Iowa for making these 6 fleece blankets for the babies!

Lynn has made these wonderful no-sew blankets for Marine Corps Kids before.  They are thick and warm and of so snuggley!

I know that they will be a big hit with the families who receive them!!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Nursing Shawl

I just cut this project off of my loom.  It is a perfect size to be used as a nursing shawl.  I am donating it to Marine Corps Kids in hopes that one of the new moms will enjoy it.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thank you, Sharon!

Sharon from Colorado donated this gorgeous vest and bootie set! 

 Can you see the intricate detail in the pattern?  Now that I am a beginning knitter, I am really in awe of the time and talent involved in making something like this.

Thank you so much, Sharon, for your continued support of Marine Corps Kids!

Gifts from Ruth in Oregon

A large box arrived the other day from Ruth in Oregon.  I was so excited to see all the beautiful blankets inside!

The top photo shows 24 darling two-sided flannel or fleece receiving blankets.  The fabric designs are so cute, and these are beautifully made.

The second photo is terrible quality -  I really need to shop for a new camera - but the quilts are amazing.  I LOVE quilts and am always delighted when people make and donate them.  These 7 quilts are gorgeous and are sure to become family heirlooms.

Thank you so much, Ruth, for these lovely gifts!  They will be packed up and on their way to the babies soon!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Many Thanks to the Creative Arts Therapy Group!

As I posted earlier, today I received 5 boxes of donations.  All of the items in them were made by people involved in the Creative Arts Therapy / Aunt Ella's Pathway and Crocheting 4 Community group  in Oregon.  This group is teaching life skills while working with inmates, parolees, at-risk people of all ages and charitable organizations to fulfill the needs of the community.  The work that they do is amazing, and we are thrilled that they are continuing to send their beautiful crafts to Marine Corps Kids!

This large donation will go a long way in helping us to reach the families attending the baby shower in two weeks!  Here is what was included in the package:

These two super-soft blankets and these booties and hats were crocheted by Mike.  I love them and so will the little boys who receive them!

Karen sewed these 4 amazing quilts!  I wish you could see them more closely to appreciate how lovely they are.  She also made these two receiving blankets and purchased 3 rompers and a swaddler to donate.  All of these are amazing!

These 11 dresses and 2 blankets were crocheted by Carol.  They are lovely.  The dresses are just darling!  The sleeves look like tiny angel wings, and I know that the little darlings who wear them will love them!

This final photo shows just 4 of the FORTY-SEVEN blankets that Molly crocheted and donated!  Molly has sent in blankets before, and I always recognize them by the super soft and fluffy yarns that she uses to make these incredibly snugly blankets!  They are wonderful. 

Our thanks and gratitude to Molly, Carol, Karen, and Mike for sending this beautiful gifts to Marine Corps Kids and for supporting our military families in this way!

Timing is everything!!

So, I spent some time this afternoon making gift packages for the babies.  I packed up this monster sized box.

The gifts inside depleted my entire stock of booties, bibs, toys and sweaters.  I still have about 3 blankets and many hats - and this box contains only 22 gifts!!!

I was about to come upstairs to post about my need for your donations so that we can get more gifts out for the upcoming baby shower at Camp Murry, but decided that I should start cooking dinner first.  While in the kitchen working, Lola Dog began to bark uncontrollably as though the end of the world was upon us.  This sound can only mean one thing - the UPS truck was near!

 (adorable, isn't she?)

I looked outside, and yes, the UPS track was near, and much to Lola's horror was backing into my driveway.  While I tried to sooth my beloved doggy, the nice UPS man (discretely avoiding eye contact with Lola) delivered not one, but five boxes of donations to my door!

 Perfect timing!!!  I will be unpacking these boxes, photographing the contents so I can share them with you, and packing them up into gift bundles so that I can mail another large box or two this weekend!!

Many thanks to all our crafters who work so hard to help welcome the babies!  These five boxes will help so much, but we still need your donations so we can reach the rest of the families attending the shower, and all the other families expecting babies soon.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

From the Holy Redeemer Church in North Bend, OR

Yesterday a box arrived from the Holy Redeemer Craft Group from North Bend, Oregon.    It included 1 knit blanket, 3 crocheted blankets, 4 sewn blankets and 10 darling hats.  The blankets were made by Mary and the hats were made by Mark and Marilyn.

The note included read:
...These are all sent with our love and prayers to the Marine Corps Babies.  Our group has made and sent overseas to Landstuhl, Germany, Iraq and Afghanistan over 3,000 hats, stump covers, neck coolers, etc.  

The prayers and generosity of our church and community have made this possible.

God bless all of them.

Many thanks to all of the members of this craft group for including Marine Corps Kids in your list of groups supported!


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Thank you, Iris

Iris from Mississippi crocheted another 8 lovely blankets for the "little recruits".

Thank you so much, Iris!  Your continued support and beautiful gifts are sue to delight the new moms!

More from Pauline in Oregon

Thank you, Pauline, for sending in another two wrapped sets for the babies!  Your continued generosity is appreciated!