Thursday, August 16, 2012

Timing is everything!!

So, I spent some time this afternoon making gift packages for the babies.  I packed up this monster sized box.

The gifts inside depleted my entire stock of booties, bibs, toys and sweaters.  I still have about 3 blankets and many hats - and this box contains only 22 gifts!!!

I was about to come upstairs to post about my need for your donations so that we can get more gifts out for the upcoming baby shower at Camp Murry, but decided that I should start cooking dinner first.  While in the kitchen working, Lola Dog began to bark uncontrollably as though the end of the world was upon us.  This sound can only mean one thing - the UPS truck was near!

 (adorable, isn't she?)

I looked outside, and yes, the UPS track was near, and much to Lola's horror was backing into my driveway.  While I tried to sooth my beloved doggy, the nice UPS man (discretely avoiding eye contact with Lola) delivered not one, but five boxes of donations to my door!

 Perfect timing!!!  I will be unpacking these boxes, photographing the contents so I can share them with you, and packing them up into gift bundles so that I can mail another large box or two this weekend!!

Many thanks to all our crafters who work so hard to help welcome the babies!  These five boxes will help so much, but we still need your donations so we can reach the rest of the families attending the shower, and all the other families expecting babies soon.

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