Thursday, August 16, 2012

Many Thanks to the Creative Arts Therapy Group!

As I posted earlier, today I received 5 boxes of donations.  All of the items in them were made by people involved in the Creative Arts Therapy / Aunt Ella's Pathway and Crocheting 4 Community group  in Oregon.  This group is teaching life skills while working with inmates, parolees, at-risk people of all ages and charitable organizations to fulfill the needs of the community.  The work that they do is amazing, and we are thrilled that they are continuing to send their beautiful crafts to Marine Corps Kids!

This large donation will go a long way in helping us to reach the families attending the baby shower in two weeks!  Here is what was included in the package:

These two super-soft blankets and these booties and hats were crocheted by Mike.  I love them and so will the little boys who receive them!

Karen sewed these 4 amazing quilts!  I wish you could see them more closely to appreciate how lovely they are.  She also made these two receiving blankets and purchased 3 rompers and a swaddler to donate.  All of these are amazing!

These 11 dresses and 2 blankets were crocheted by Carol.  They are lovely.  The dresses are just darling!  The sleeves look like tiny angel wings, and I know that the little darlings who wear them will love them!

This final photo shows just 4 of the FORTY-SEVEN blankets that Molly crocheted and donated!  Molly has sent in blankets before, and I always recognize them by the super soft and fluffy yarns that she uses to make these incredibly snugly blankets!  They are wonderful. 

Our thanks and gratitude to Molly, Carol, Karen, and Mike for sending this beautiful gifts to Marine Corps Kids and for supporting our military families in this way!

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