Sunday, August 12, 2012

From the Holy Redeemer Church in North Bend, OR

Yesterday a box arrived from the Holy Redeemer Craft Group from North Bend, Oregon.    It included 1 knit blanket, 3 crocheted blankets, 4 sewn blankets and 10 darling hats.  The blankets were made by Mary and the hats were made by Mark and Marilyn.

The note included read:
...These are all sent with our love and prayers to the Marine Corps Babies.  Our group has made and sent overseas to Landstuhl, Germany, Iraq and Afghanistan over 3,000 hats, stump covers, neck coolers, etc.  

The prayers and generosity of our church and community have made this possible.

God bless all of them.

Many thanks to all of the members of this craft group for including Marine Corps Kids in your list of groups supported!


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