Sunday, September 30, 2012

Thank you, Stephanie!

These lovely gifts that arrived this week from Stephanie in Kansas.

The top photo shows 4 adorable binky holders, 2 darling hats and a wash cloth.  In the bottom photo there are 2 crocheted blankets, a flannel receiving blanket, 3 burp cloths and 4 wash cloths. 

These gifts are amazing, Stephanie, and I know that the families who receive them will truly appreciate them!!

New Gifts from Faith

Faith from Washington State sent another box of delightful gifts.

Faith is just 13 years old - perhaps 14 by now, but her talent is way beyond her years!

Faith sewed these 5 bibs and they are just darling!  The 3 in the back have a checkerboard background, and they all have beautifully appliqued designs.  She also sewed two pairs of fleece booties and knitted a pair of socks. 

The photos do not do justice to Faith's skill.  She is so gifted and so good-hearted to share her creations with us.

Thank you, Faith, for your continued support!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Thank you, Sharon!!!

This gorgeous sweater and bootie set was knitted by Sharon from Colorado.

With the chill of Autumn now in the air, I can just picture one of our cute little recruits in this darling set!  I know that the little boy who receives this and his mommy will be just thrilled.

Thank you so much, Sharon, for your continued support.  You are so talented and so generous to support our military families in this way!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thank you, Pauline!

Pauline from Oregon is one of our most active donors sending in many many blanket and hat sets for the babies.  This week another two sets arrived. 

Thank you so much, Pauline for your continued support!

More from the Holy Redeemer Craft Group

The wonderful ladies from the Holy Redeemer Craft group in North Bend, Oregon sent in another package this week.

Thank you to all the ladies in this wonderful group for these beautiful blankets and hats!

Thank you, Eileen

Eileen from San Francisco is a new donor to Marine Corps Kids.   She sent in these amazing sweaters for the babies along with her thanks to the men and women serving in our military.

These photos do not do justice to these amazing sweaters.  I don't know if you can see the pocket on the hoodie, the detail on the striped sweater, or the cables on the zipper vest.  Trust me - they are intricate and beautiful.

Thank you so much Eileen, and welcome to our family of crafters!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Bibs from Kathy

Kathy from Alabama is a long time crafter for Marine Corps Kids.  This week she sent in these 15 bibs for the babies.  The crocheted bibs are gorgeous colors and perfectly sized for younger babies.  The sewn bibs are so cute - I just love the fabric pattern!

Kathy - thank you so much for your ongoing support!  It means so much to so many families!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Thank you, Christen!

A package arrived today from Christen in Oregon.  In it were these 6 adorable baby hats, and these 2 great bibs. 

Thank you so much, Christen!  We are pushing to get out many gifts before the end of this month, and these will be packed up and on their way to the babies soon!

Your support is greatly appreciated!!!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Welcome, Liam!

Meet Liam! Liam is a new recruit! He was born on Friday morning, and he's just perfect. Liam's daddy is a Marine who is stationed in Japan and won't get to come home until November. Thanks to Skype, he was able to witness his son's birth.

A package for Liam is all packed up and will be mailed to his mommy this week. Liam and his mom are both doing well.

Congratulations to the entire family. Liam is beautiful!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Knit Sweater

I'm still fairly new to knitting, and this little sweater is my first "complicated pattern".  Well, for those of you who are experienced knitters, it's not complicated, but it's not a scarf, so for me this was exciting to complete.  I'm thrilled that it turned out well, and that one of our Marine Corps Babies will soon be wearing it!