Sunday, October 20, 2013

Recent Donations

Please forgive me - I have been remiss in posting donations as they arrive, but donations continue to arrive and gifts for the babies continue to go out. 

You can see a photo album of all the recent donations on our Facebook Page

A big huge thank you to everyone who has sent in these beautiful gifts! 

Ruth from Oregon
Cyndy from Florida
Faith from Washington
Pauline from Oregon
Autumn from 29 Palms
Lauri from Minnesota
Alfreda from Pennyslvania
and all the crafters from the Buttonwood Campground in Lewistown, PA for their amazing gifts!

Here are just a few highlights from the album.  I hope that you will click the link above to see everything that these wonderful ladies have so generously donated!

These gorgeous sweater sets are just a small sampling of the lovely gifts made by Ruth from Oregon.  She also sent in some gorgeous blankets, receiving blankets and burp cloths.

These are just two of the big thick blankets made and donated by Cyndy from Florida.

These darling bibs are just a sampling of the donations for 14 year old Faith from Washington State.  Faith also made some amazing sewn jackets and a blanket/sleeper set.  So much talent from one so young!!!

This adorable stuffed toy, and these hats were donated by Autumn from 29 Palms.  Autumn is a Marine Corps Mom, and we thank you for your lovely gifts and for your family's service!

These gorgeous hats were made and donated by Alfeda from Pennsylvania through Giving Artfully

Many thanks to Sitinee - the founder of Giving Artfully - for including Marine Corps Kids in her project lists and for sending several new donors our way!

Thanks to Pauline from Oregon for sending two more gift sets for the babies.  Every month or so I get another box from Pauline.  She is one of our most active donors.

These tree photos show just a sampling of the lovely blankets, hats and booties sent in by the many crafters from the Buttonwood Campground in Lewistown, Pa.  You can see all of the photos in the Facebook album linked above.  I don't know how many crafters worked to create all these amazing gifts, but we are so grateful for your continued support.  Thank you all!

Last but not least, we have some leg warmers and ear warmers for the older children.  These were made by Laurie from Minnesota. 

Thank you to all for these lovely gifts.  They will all be bundled up soon and sent on their way to the children.  Your continued support helps us to reach many military families.  I know that they appreciate your support, and so do I. 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Thank you Christina, Katie and Kathy from Michigan!

Kathy from Michigan mailed in a  box of 3 beautiful blankets!

This  colorful afghan was knitted by Kathy!  It is soft and cheerful, and will make one lucky baby very warm and cozy this fall!  

This beautiful quilt was sewn by Christina who is only 13 years old!  Christina, you are very talented, and very kind to donate this lovely blanket to Marine Corps Kids!

The red quilt above and the white quilt below feature a block with text.  This photo is a close up of what it says.  It is a clever poem by Kathy making a "find it" game of all the squares in the quilts.  Such a clever idea!

Finally, this white quilt was sewn and donated by Katie.  I love all the bright and cheerful fabrics used!

Thank you, Ladies, for your wonderful generosity.  These are such lovely gifts for our military families!

Beautiful donations

Stephanie sent in a box of lovely donations that arrived this week.  She noted that these beautiful items were made by several different people!  I wish I had all there names to thank them individually!  These items are gorgeous!

This quilt is amazing!  Each tiny box is individually sewn, and the outside border is darling!  Whoever made this has some amazing sewing skills!!

This is another gorgeous quilt.  This one features larger boxes that are offset for a lovely stepped pattern!  I wish that I could sew like this - I can't even get the needle threaded!

The photo above features a truly beautiful crocheted blanket, and 4 adorable two sided spit clothes.  I love the darling fabrics used for these!

These straps are fabulous! One side has a velcro closure to attach to the stroller or crib, the other side has a plastic hook to hold babies toys or binky.  Such a clever idea!  And if you look closely, you'll see that several of these feature fabric with the Marine Corps logo.  I know that the families' who receive these will love them!

Finally, the photo above show a really sweet crocheted cap and some great burp cloths.  I love how these cloths have a cut out for the neck so that they are comfortable a fit well over the shoulder.  And the boy and girl monkey patterns are too cute.

Thank you so much to all the talented crafters who so generously donated these beautiful gifts!

Thank you Cyndy

Cyndy from Florida sent in 3 soft crocheted blankets for the babies.  Cyndy was connected with Marine Corps Kids through Giving Artfully

Thank you so much, Cyndy, for choosing to donate your beautiful blankets to Marine Corps Kids!  I know that the families who receive them will be grateful!.

Thank you Pauline

I haven't been posting here as often as I should, but Marine Corps Kids is still quite active!

Donations keep coming in, and packages are going out to the babies.

Some beautiful things have been donated in the past few weeks, and in the next few posts I will post photos of the lovely donations.

First I want to thank Pauline from Oregon.  Pauline is wonderful, and sends in donations every few weeks.  She chooses to wrap her gifts before sending them in, so you can't see her lovely work, but each of these packages includes a gorgeous knit blanket and hat set.  Pauline's husband served, and she proudly donates to Marine Corps Kids to thank the families who are currently serving and sacrificing.

Thank you, Pauline for your ongoing generosity!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

More donations

This might look like a crowded and messy living room to you, but it looks like approximately 160 gift bundles waiting to be sent to our Military Families!

Today, my wonderful friends Juca, Ellen, Maryanne, Sue and Nikki spent hours helping me to unpack and bundle up more donations for the kids.  Only the very best of friends would offer to spend their holiday helping, and these ladies made the "work" so much fun!

While they all look so dedicated and serious, the day was actually filled with love, laughter and an amazing appreciation for all of our talented crafters!

Once again, we tried very hard to record who made what, and once again, we made some mistakes.  Most of these donations were routed through the Marine Corps Family Foundation office, and unfortunately, despite our best efforts, in some cases it was hard to distinguish who made what.  If you know of corrections that should be made, please comment so we can properly thank our donors.

Below are some of the beautiful items that we received!

Blankets from Cyndy in Florida:

 Hats and mittens from Edna in Florida:

Receiving blankets from the ladies at the Holy Redeemers Church in Oregon 

Gorgeous sweaters - I do not know which group from Oregon sent these, but the detail work is amazing!   

Wrapped gift sets from Pauline in Oregon:

Just a few of approximately 50 soft and fluffy blankets from Molly in Oregon:

Gorgeous crocheted blankets - I'm sorry, but I'm not sure who to thank for these:

Angel wing dresses from Carol in Oregon:
 Knit hats - again, I'm sorry but I'm not sure who to thank for these:

To all our amazing crafters - thank you so much for your generosity, for your time, for you kind understanding and supportive words.

To all of our military families - thank you for your service and sacrifice.

To my wonderful friends who so generously helped me with the amazing labor of love - thank you!  I love you all and appreciate all of your help and support!


Catching up

As some of you know, my husband was diagnosed with Appendicial Cancer in January. I stayed by his side until his death on April 20th. As a result, I did not do any work on Marine Corps Kids. Many packages arrived during those months, and were put aside unopened.
On June 9th, a group of dear friends came over to help me open those boxes, sort them out, and start making new gift bundles for the babies. My friends were all in awe of the incredible talent and generosity of our donors (note - these are all friends from my own knitting group - so their compliments mean a lot). For the first time, they got to see exactly what we do in MCK, and just how amazing all of our donors are.

So, to Pauline from OR, Michelle from IL, Eileen from CA,
Libby from WA, Deb from CA, Lizzy from MT, Cyndy, Bernadette from British Columbia, Martha from OK, Ruth from OR, The crafters from the Baptist Church in South Bend, OR, Mary from GA, Stephanie from KS, Nancy from MN, Marilyn from CA, Pat from TX, All the crafters from Oregon, Karen from WI, Janet from WI, Christen from OR, Diane from OH, Iris from MS, The Gracie's Gowns group from VA, Marlene from MI, Michelle from IL, Trisha from OK, and the Sassy Stitcher Group in Oregon.....THANK YOU!!!! Everything that you sent is beautiful and so appreciated.

I posted the photos of all the donations in an album on Facebook.  I believe (but an not sure) that everyone can view the photos at this link.  We tried to be very careful to photograph all of the items and to properly credit each crafter, but I know we made some mistakes.  If you see anything that is not properly credited, please comment below and let me know. 

Thank you all, and thanks to my wonderful friends who helped me with this wonderful and monumental task. I could not have tackled this project with a great deal of help from my wonderful friends, Maryanne, Ellen, Juca, Sarah, Nikki and Sue.

Saturday, March 16, 2013


Boxes keep arriving, and it warms my heart to know that so many beautiful things are being made for our military families.

I am still dealing with a family emergency.  As you can see, I have a lot of boxes to open, and a lot of gifts to bundle and mail out.  As soon as I am able, I will open all these boxes, post photos of the gifts, and properly thank the crafters who are giving from their hearts.

Until then, please be patient, and thank you for  you well wishes and prayers.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Recent donations

As I posted, my family is going through an emergency which is consuming all of my time.  I'm sorry that I can not open and photograph donations at this time, I will as soon as I can, and I will get all your gifts bundled and out to the families.

I have not yet opened them, but I have received boxes from:

Lizzy from Montana
Martha in Oklahoma
Pauline in Washington

I wanted to let you know that your gifts have arrived. Thank you for your support!  I will get everything unwrapped and sent out as soon as I am able.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Thank you Deb (and Judy)!

A few months ago, one of our earliest crafters, Judy from Pennsyvania, sent me a box of yarn from her stash as she found herself unable to craft much anymore.  I offered the yarn to our donors, and sent a box to Deb from Palm Springs, California. 

Well, in what seems to me like no time at all, Deb transformed that yarn into a lot of lovely gifts for the babies!

 I adore this little sweater set, and know that the baby who receives it will love to snuggle up in it!
 This blue blanket is darling!  I don't know why blogger is turning all my photos sideways, but you can see that the blue rectangles on this blanket all have a teddy bear pattern.  So cute.

The pink blanket behind it also has a gorgeous pattern worked into the stitches.

This red blanket has a heart pattern.  It is hard to see in the photo, but the pink/cam blanket in the back has a large flower motif in the center.

 This camo blanket also has a cute teddy bear center.  I know that one of our little boys will cherish this as he grows!

Finally, this blanket has the letters of the alphabet.  It is hard to see in the photo, but if you look closely you can see that each rectangle is a letter.  I love it!!!

Many thanks to both Deb and Judy.  Judy, your donation of yarn has been beautifully transformed into gorgeous gifts for the children!

Deb - you are truly talented, and I am so glad that you have chosen to support our military families through Marine Corps Kids!!

Thank you, Martha!!

Martha from Oklahoma created three more magnificent blanket and hat sets for the babies!! 

I am so in awe of your work, Martha.  I am still a beginner knitter, and can not make some of the lovely things you do - I don't know how you make so much so quickly!!!

These are lovely and the families will be delighted!  Thank you so much!

Thank you, Pauline

Pauline from Oregon is one of our most active donors.  Every month she sends in several blanket/hat sets for the babies.  She chooses to wrap her gifts, so you can't see how lovely they are, but her work is beautiful, and I know that the families appreciate receiving them.

Thank you so much, Pauline!

Thank you Marilyn

These gorgeous has were made by Marilyn from California.

Marilyn and a group of her friends have been knitting hats for preemies for some time.  They heard about Marine Corps Kids and decided that they would like to support our military families by sending gifts for the kids.

These hats are soft and warm, and the colors are lovely!  I love the look of the diagnol pattern!  So cute.

Thank you, Marilyn.  We are delighted to have you join our family of crafters!

I'm sorry

To all our wonderful crafters - I owe you all an apology. This week I received about 5 packages of donations, and I am just now getting around to opening, photographing, and preparing them for the kids. 

It has been a difficult week with health issues in our house, and I haven't had the opportunity to work on Marine Corps Kids.

All of your donations are so appreciated, and I'm sorry that it has taken me so long to acknowledge them.  I will be posting photos of them now.

Thank you all for your understanding!