Thursday, July 4, 2013

More donations

This might look like a crowded and messy living room to you, but it looks like approximately 160 gift bundles waiting to be sent to our Military Families!

Today, my wonderful friends Juca, Ellen, Maryanne, Sue and Nikki spent hours helping me to unpack and bundle up more donations for the kids.  Only the very best of friends would offer to spend their holiday helping, and these ladies made the "work" so much fun!

While they all look so dedicated and serious, the day was actually filled with love, laughter and an amazing appreciation for all of our talented crafters!

Once again, we tried very hard to record who made what, and once again, we made some mistakes.  Most of these donations were routed through the Marine Corps Family Foundation office, and unfortunately, despite our best efforts, in some cases it was hard to distinguish who made what.  If you know of corrections that should be made, please comment so we can properly thank our donors.

Below are some of the beautiful items that we received!

Blankets from Cyndy in Florida:

 Hats and mittens from Edna in Florida:

Receiving blankets from the ladies at the Holy Redeemers Church in Oregon 

Gorgeous sweaters - I do not know which group from Oregon sent these, but the detail work is amazing!   

Wrapped gift sets from Pauline in Oregon:

Just a few of approximately 50 soft and fluffy blankets from Molly in Oregon:

Gorgeous crocheted blankets - I'm sorry, but I'm not sure who to thank for these:

Angel wing dresses from Carol in Oregon:
 Knit hats - again, I'm sorry but I'm not sure who to thank for these:

To all our amazing crafters - thank you so much for your generosity, for your time, for you kind understanding and supportive words.

To all of our military families - thank you for your service and sacrifice.

To my wonderful friends who so generously helped me with the amazing labor of love - thank you!  I love you all and appreciate all of your help and support!



Anonymous said...

Delia I'd like to help support our troops freedom isn't free and I try to give back as much as I can to show my patriotism and my thanks to all the men and women that give their all to keep our freedom.How do I go about sending items? Also what is needed? I

Wormie said...

Thank You!
We accept donations of any handcrafted baby items - knit, crochet, sewn, woven, etc. We are always in need of sweaters/tops, booties bibs, toys, blankets and hats.

Thank you!!