Sunday, September 15, 2013

Thank you Christina, Katie and Kathy from Michigan!

Kathy from Michigan mailed in a  box of 3 beautiful blankets!

This  colorful afghan was knitted by Kathy!  It is soft and cheerful, and will make one lucky baby very warm and cozy this fall!  

This beautiful quilt was sewn by Christina who is only 13 years old!  Christina, you are very talented, and very kind to donate this lovely blanket to Marine Corps Kids!

The red quilt above and the white quilt below feature a block with text.  This photo is a close up of what it says.  It is a clever poem by Kathy making a "find it" game of all the squares in the quilts.  Such a clever idea!

Finally, this white quilt was sewn and donated by Katie.  I love all the bright and cheerful fabrics used!

Thank you, Ladies, for your wonderful generosity.  These are such lovely gifts for our military families!

Beautiful donations

Stephanie sent in a box of lovely donations that arrived this week.  She noted that these beautiful items were made by several different people!  I wish I had all there names to thank them individually!  These items are gorgeous!

This quilt is amazing!  Each tiny box is individually sewn, and the outside border is darling!  Whoever made this has some amazing sewing skills!!

This is another gorgeous quilt.  This one features larger boxes that are offset for a lovely stepped pattern!  I wish that I could sew like this - I can't even get the needle threaded!

The photo above features a truly beautiful crocheted blanket, and 4 adorable two sided spit clothes.  I love the darling fabrics used for these!

These straps are fabulous! One side has a velcro closure to attach to the stroller or crib, the other side has a plastic hook to hold babies toys or binky.  Such a clever idea!  And if you look closely, you'll see that several of these feature fabric with the Marine Corps logo.  I know that the families' who receive these will love them!

Finally, the photo above show a really sweet crocheted cap and some great burp cloths.  I love how these cloths have a cut out for the neck so that they are comfortable a fit well over the shoulder.  And the boy and girl monkey patterns are too cute.

Thank you so much to all the talented crafters who so generously donated these beautiful gifts!

Thank you Cyndy

Cyndy from Florida sent in 3 soft crocheted blankets for the babies.  Cyndy was connected with Marine Corps Kids through Giving Artfully

Thank you so much, Cyndy, for choosing to donate your beautiful blankets to Marine Corps Kids!  I know that the families who receive them will be grateful!.

Thank you Pauline

I haven't been posting here as often as I should, but Marine Corps Kids is still quite active!

Donations keep coming in, and packages are going out to the babies.

Some beautiful things have been donated in the past few weeks, and in the next few posts I will post photos of the lovely donations.

First I want to thank Pauline from Oregon.  Pauline is wonderful, and sends in donations every few weeks.  She chooses to wrap her gifts before sending them in, so you can't see her lovely work, but each of these packages includes a gorgeous knit blanket and hat set.  Pauline's husband served, and she proudly donates to Marine Corps Kids to thank the families who are currently serving and sacrificing.

Thank you, Pauline for your ongoing generosity!