Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day 2009

Memorial Day gives us our first long weekend of the summer. It's become a time for BBQ and relaxing with family and friends, but today's holiday is one of remembrance for all those who lost their lives in service to our country.

Sadly, we are in a time when many are still losing their lives. I hope that as we all enjoyed this holiday, we remembered those whose who have sacrificed for our country, and gave their lives for our freedoms.

As we move through the summer months, lets hope for an end to the violence that is taking so many lives, and let's remember all those who are sacrificing time with their families as they serve abroad. During the summer months many of us spend more time outdoors, and less time with our fiber crafts. When you do have time to craft, please remember those who are serving and their families. Your donations to Marine Corps Kids are a small way in which we can thank you.

To all who are serving, and to all the families that are waiting for the safe home-coming of your loved ones - Thank you.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

More Beautiful Caps from Mary

Mary from South Carolina has on several occasions sent beautiful caps to Marine Corps Kids. This photo shows 22 hats which I received earlier this week.

Mary is in her 80's and makes the most wonderful crafts that she shares with Marine Corps Kids and Project Linus.

Thank you, Mary! Your hats are as beautiful as your generous spirit!