Saturday, April 7, 2012

More from Hooks, Yarn and Bars and Aunt Ella's Pathways

This week we received another box of donations forAunt Ella's Pathways and from the men in the Hooks, Yarns and Bars group. These men and women have so much talent and have donated to so many great organizations. I'm delighted that they include Marine Corps Kids in their charitable gifting!

This time we received 21 adorable crocheted dresses made by Carol from Aunt Ellas Pathways and and two darling sweaters made by Mike from Hooks, Yarns and Bars. They will soon be packed up and on their way to many lucky babies!!


Unknown said...

Actually the dresses were made by one of the ladies from Aunt Ella's Pathway. This group also works with the men at Hooks, Yarns & Bars. The lady that made all the beautiful dresses is Carol Reynolds.

The sweaters were made by Mike O'Neill in the men's group.

Please make this correction. The ladies I work with are just as dedicated as the men and also deserve a thank you.

Karen I. said...

Thank you Carol, Mike, ladies and gentlemen. I feel like its my birthday when I see such talent and dedication from our special groups and actually all the gifts of gratitude to our Marine families.