Friday, April 20, 2012

Here's Looking at You, Ruth!

Ruth from Seattle is a long time donor to Marine Corps Kids, and has sent in many lovely blankets, hats and bibs for the babies.  Today she shares a bit about herself:

What brought you to Marine Corps Kids?
I found MCK online.  I had been knitting hats for some time and was not satisfied that the organization for which I was making them really needed them.  There seemed to be more than enough to go around and I wanted to find an organization where my handiwork would be put to good use.  
How long have you been crafting, and how did you learn?
 I have been knitting and sewing since I was a girl.  My mother was an excellent seamstress and knitter and she helped me learn.

Aside from crafting for Marine Corps Kids, how do you enjoy to spend your free time?
 In addition to sewing and knitting for MCK, I volunteer twice a week at a local cat shelter (11 years now), volunteer once a week at the local VA medical center (1 year), and also manage to fit in a visit to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Ut at least once per year.  On our last visit (myself, spouse and grandson), we delivered 761 fleece blankets I made for the cats and another 20 or so for the dogs.  I will do almost anything to put off cleaning the house.

OOPS! Have you ever suffered a crafting-related injury or mishap?
I don't remember suffering any craft-related injuries, although my fingers looked like pin cushions when I used to quilt.  

No waffling on this one: Chocolate or Vanilla?
DARK chocolate, please
Finish the sentence: In the kitchen I make a great: _____________________(feel free to share your recipe if it isn’t a secret)
 In the kitchen.......not so much.  I cook enough to feed myself and that's about it.  Toast?

Have you or any of your family served in the armed forces?
My husband is a Viet Nam veteran.

 Thank you so much, Ruth, for all you do!  We so appreciate it!  And please thank your husband for his service!

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Anonymous said...

Ruth, you are wonderful addition to MKC! Thank you for all you do for the babies!