Wednesday, November 2, 2011

More from Oregon

A box arrived yesterday from Oregon. In it were 3 gorgeous blankets and some cute hats and booties.

There was no note in the box, so I'm not sure who to thank for these lovely donations. We have many talented crafters in Oregon.

If you made these, please leave a comment so that I can properly thank you! These gifts are beautiful and will be treasured by the families who receive them!

(11/3/11) Thank you to the commenter who notified me that the middle blanket with the diagonal pattern was made by Flo from Oregon! Flo is new to crochet, and obviously learning very quickly! The blanket is gorgeous!

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Anonymous said...

The blanket in the middle with the diagonal pattern came from my friend Flo Morris out of Albany, OR. She is just learning to crochet and knit. She made this to donate.