Monday, June 20, 2011

Gorgeous donations from Denise in CA

Today I received a box of donations from Denise in California. I have been crocheting for years, and I have never seen anything like Denise's work. I have no idea what stitches she used or how she got the effects that she did, but her work is just amazing!

The pink blanket on the left has a really beautiful textured stripe pattern. I wish I knew how this stitch was done - the photo does not show how beautiful it is. The blanket is edged in a white lacy border - it's just lovely.

The blue blanket is done in a spiral hexagon motif that is really unique and lovely.

The pink and purple stripe has a slanted stitch design that is really interesting and unique.

There is a basket weave blanket that is soft and drapes beautifully. It is unlike any basket weave stitch that I have ever done.

The last blanket is created of blue and green lacy squares, and is just stunning.

In addition to the blankets, Denise made several hats and two really cute head bands.

Thank you so very much, Denise! These gifts are stunning and are sure to become treasured family heirlooms!

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Wormie said...

My apologies to Denise! I initially posted these as being made by "Donna". That's what I get for not putting on my reading glasses. I have corrected my post here, but don't know how to correct it on Facebook.

Thank you so much, Denise!