Thursday, June 16, 2011

More from our Girl Scout troop!

Our Girl Scout Troop in Florida is staying busy making more gifts for the babies. Today I received another package from them. It is so wonderful to see their work! The items that they are making are truly beautiful, and these young girls are becoming expert knitters, crocheters, and seamstresses!

The troop leader (and mother of one of the girls) wrote:

"Here are more baby items for Marine Corps Kids. Hope the families like them.

We really enjoy making them. The parents in my troop think this is such a great cause. They all have been talking about the blog I sent to the Girl Scout Council in my town.

Thanks again. We have recruited a few people in the neighborhood and family and friends, and they are also making things for your cause."

I am so touched that these young girls have chosen to support our military in this way, and are also recruiting others so help. Girls, if you are reading this, you should be very very proud of yourselves. Not only are you making beautiful hand-crafted items, but you are supporting the families of our military who sacrifice so much for all of us. Thank you all so much!

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Calvin Osiris said...

This is so great I hope when my granddaughters get bigger that they will find a cause and support it. One of them already tries to crochet.