Thursday, June 9, 2011

Reaching families abroad....

I just received an e-mail from one of the Family Readiness Officers who used to distribute our gifts at Camp Miramar. She is now the FRO for two commands stationed in Germany. She writes:

"Because we are in a foreign country, we do not have the resources at our finger-tips like we have in the US. I am trying to assist new moms and dads. It's scary to be a first time parent, it's another experience to deliver your baby in a foreign country in a non-English speaking hospital. I was hoping you could provide some of the hand-made items for babies such as baby beanies, blankets, booties, etc."

Of course I was delighted to receive her message! We are actively trying to reach as many families around the world as we can, and we will be very happy to send baby gifts to our military families serving in Germany!

I know that all of our charitable donors will be happy to hear that we are expanding our efforts to bases in other countries. The winters are cold in Germany, and the families there will be so appreciative of the beautiful items that our crafters so lovingly make!

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