Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thanks to Cindy and Hazel

This week I received a large box and a beautiful note from Cindy and her mother, Hazel, in Florida. Cindy wrote:

"After surfing the internet to locate an organization to share my homemade items, I found the blessing of your kindness to our veterans and their families. My mother and I make these different items on a regular basis to share. Now that I have found you, there will be more on the way."

I feel very blessed that Cindy and Hazel found us! They have sent in so many beautiful items! I love all the hats, scarves, booties, outfits and slippers, but I was completely blown away by the handmade dolls! How delightful!

I know that the moms will be so happy to receive all of these lovely items! Thank you both so much!

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