Saturday, May 28, 2011

Gifts from the Girl Scouts

I was recently contacted by Donna, a girl scout troop leader from Florida. She said,
"Our troop is made up of 4 girls ages 12-15. We are a Cadet and Senior troop.

The last 3 years prior to this one our Service project was to send items to soldiers in Iraq. We would collect and buy items and mail to them, along with cards and Xmas items.

We really wanted to continue with another project which would help the US military. So the girls and I searched the net for making craft items for the military and we came across your site. We did some research. The girls really liked this project making baby items and asking for donations of yarn, fabric. The girls made some great items. we went on your site and other to get patterns to make baby hats, booties, blankets. The girls really like doing this and we have been working on more items to be sent at a later date.

The US military is in our hearts. We have 1 girl in our troop who's father is overseas he is in the Navy."

As you can see in the photos, the girls did a GREAT job! They sent in 9 blankets, many hats, booties, bibs and wash cloths. They sewed, crocheted and knitted to make these gifts. I think they should all be very proud of themselves!


Karen I said...

These generous and talented young ladies give me hope for today's youth.Amazing!

Heidi said...

Good job girls,They had fun, making all the good stuff. Also one of them is my daughter:)

Kkristen said...

The girls had a lot of fun and I know it was very close to my daughters heart as her dad is in the Navy.