Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Thank you, Chrystal!

These two hats were made and donated by Chrystal from Joplin, MO.

Thank you, Chrystal. These look line my Crazy Cute hat pattern. I love the way you added the flower to the hat - so cute!

Thank you for supporting Marine Corps Kids. New moms will be delighted to receive these hats for their babies!!


Anonymous said...

What is the cheapest way to send the packages? I live in Arizona and to send them is quite expensive. I have lots of blankets, etc but can't seem to find which way is the cheapest. Can you help?

Wormie said...

I generally ship large packages and send them via parcel post. Depending on what you have, if it can fit in the flat rate priority boxes, that is often the best method. I just try to cram as much as possible into one box. I often put things in zip lock bags and squeeze out all the air so more will fit into a package. Thank you!!