Thursday, March 10, 2011

Beautiful Donations

I am always delighted to receive new donations for Marine Corps Kids. So many people are generous and talented, and we at MCK are lucky to be on the receiving end of their generosity.

Today I received some donations from an unexpected source. These gorgeous blankets, hats and booties were made by prison inmates. These men are really excited to be supporting our troops, and are making some really gorgeous things for the babies! The workmanship on these pieces is really fabulous!

I don't know where or when these men learned to crochet and knit, but I do know that I wish my own work was as lovely as theirs!

Thank you to all the men who made these lovely gifts! They are very much appreciated!


Sandy said...

I had a surgeon one time that saw me knitting and mentioned that he knitted helped keep his surgeon's hands in good shape for doing surgeries. You just never know where the hidden talents can be found. These are truly beautiful and the men are truly generous.

Dana said...

I have heard of this before...many prisons have made learning to knit or crochet a part of community service. I love that this is now a part of prison life. I think it gives these lost souls a new beginning and they find that helping others and themselves in the process is a great way to rehab and make it back into society with a much better self esteem..this may change their lives more than they think! This is so awesome!

Karen I. said...

These things are gorgeous. Keep up the great work!