Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Wow!! Thank you, Lynn!!!

Lynn from AZ sent us another fabulous package of donations!!!

Lynn might be Marine Corps Kids mad hatter. She loves to crochet hats, and she has been amazingly generous in sending them for our Military families.

Once again, Lynn has dazzled me with her wonderful gifts. I didn't actually count, but the photos above show that Lynn literally sent dozens and dozens of caps. She made the cutest caps in so many pretty colors, and she also made a new girly hat pattern. The photos show the quantity but not the beautiful quality of Lynn's work! I tried to take a close-up shot of the girly bonnets to show the adorable design!

And Lynn knows that babies can't go out in hats alone! She sent some really adorable store bought outfits for the kids too.

Lynn - the mom's will be so delighted to receive your beautiful gifts!! Thank you for your continued generosity!!!! Your work is lovely!!

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Karen I. said...

What beautiful hats! Lynn must have at least 6 hands!