Sunday, June 29, 2008

Thank you, Judy!

These adorable booties were sent by Judy from Kansas!

They arrived just in time for the fourth of July! They are soft and adorable, and the babies will love them!

Thank you, Judy, for your continued support! Your work is beautiful!


Sandy said...

Cute cute little booties, Judy. Which pattern do you use?

I've seen lots of varigated yarns, but haven't come across any thats red, white, and blue. Would love to have some, where did you get it? What brand, type of yarn is it?


Judy said...

Thank you, Sandy! The yarn is from Hobby Lobby and is called "I Love This Yarn." It's pretty soft worsted weight and they just came out with holiday colors. The pattern for the booties is pretty quick. I use an H hook, but size I would be okay, too. Leave a long tail on the slipknot and ch 23for 22 sts.
Rows 1 & 2: SC
Row 3: ch 2 and HDC
Row 4: SC
Row 5: SC 5 sts, sc2tog (6 times), sc 5 sts
Row 6: SC 4 sts, sc2tog (4 times), sc 4 sts (you'll have 12 sts now)
Row 7: ch 3 and DC
Row 8: ch 1 and SC
Rows 9-11: ch 3 and DC
Row 12: ch 1 and SC (on the prev dc rows, I don't go into the top of the turning ch on the last stitch, but I do on this row, so it's not too tight around the cuff). Finish off and leave a long tail. Turn inside out and sew bottom of bootie with chain tail. Turn right side out and sew down the back with the other tail. Fold down cuff. Hope you can find the yarn and like the pattern!

Sandy said...

Glad I happened back here since Judy responded to my question here instead of on my blog. Thanks, I'll cut and paste the pattern and see if I can find the yarn.