Sunday, June 29, 2008

Thank you, Glee!!!

Thank you, Glee!!

Glee is a member of our great group in Kansas who have been sending lots of donations for the babies. I'm always delighted to see what they send!

This time Glee out did herself. All the booties are wonderful. The pink booties are made with the softest yarn that the babies and their moms will just love.

This time Glee included several pairs in an adorable sneaker design! They're so cute! Note the detail of the laces, stitching and the little Converse logo patch!! They're just delightful!

Thank you so much, Glee! These will be on there way to the kids this week!!

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Sandy said...

I know lots of Mom's are gonna be jumping with glee.........when they receive these, soooooo cute!

Had to do the play on words...just had to. lol