Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Many Thanks to the members of Hugs4Hope

I can't even begin to describe what a thrill it is for me when I receive a box of donations for Marine Corps Kids. I'm always delighted by the beautiful things that are sent and by all the talent from our donors.

Today I received a large box of things that were donated by the members of Hugs4Hope. Hugs4Hope is a Yahoo Group whose members craft and donate items for babies.

As I unpacked the box I was just amazed by the wonderful things that were sent. Incredible hats, sweaters, blankets, booties, full outfits and scrunchies that were beautifully sewn, knit and crocheted. Everything was made with incredibly soft yarns, and you can see that love was worked into every stitch.

The photos in this post show just a few of the items that were sent. Please click on the link to our photo album to see all the amazing items that were sent by:

Nancy in TN
Kay in IL
Kelly in NY
Dana in MN
Nancy in NC
Annette in PA

A few of the items did not include donation cards, so if there may be some additional donors. Thank you all for your generosity! Your work is absolutely beautiful! I'll be sending everything that you sent for our new Marine Corps Kids soon. The mom's so appreciate your gifts. A million thanks for all you do!


Homeschool Help Web said...

Wow, I'm drooling - that stuff is BEAUTIFUL! What lovely handiwork!


kathy said...

Everything is beautiful.