Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Gifts for the Holidays

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and with it the unofficial kick-off of the “Holiday Season”. Everyone wants to be home for the holidays, but for thousands of our service men and women, that just isn’t possible. For the families of our deployed troops, the holidays can be a very bittersweet time. The joy of the season is tempered by the absence of loved ones who can’t share in festivities.

During this time of the year, we’re all focusing on our own families and celebrations, and our charitable crafting sometimes takes second place to our personal plans. All of you who have donated to Marine Corps Kids have proven that you have huge hearts and generous souls, and everything that you have sent, and continue to send, is very much appreciated.

I know that it is a lot to ask, but for those of you who can, please try and send a donation for our service members’ families. I would like to be able to send gifts for the holidays - not just for the newborns, but for everyone in the family. A blanket for the babies, a hand-made toy for older kids, a scarf for mom – anything you send will remind these families that they are in our hearts, and help to make their holidays bright. No donation is too small – ornaments, bookmarks, fridgies, hats – whatever you have the time and inclination to make will be appreciated.

No matter what holiday you celebrate, I wish you all the happiest of seasons and appreciate your generosity in helping our troops’ families to ring in a new year of love, hope and peace.


Karen I. said...

Where do we send the items? Thank you

Wormie said...

all gifts can be sent to:

Marine Corps Kids
2532 N Skyline Dr.
Bloomington, IN 47404

Thank you!!

Karen I. said...

You have something waiting at the post office. :)

Wormie said...

Thank you, Karen!

I got a notice yesterday, and am going to the post office to pick it up today!

I'll post when I have it!! Thank you so much!