Sunday, October 14, 2007

Getting Chilly

Having lived in Florida for so long, I haven't experienced winter in quite some time. Now that I've moved to the mid-west, I'm experiencing climate shock. It's not winter yet, but I'm cold. It has reminded me of how many hats, blankets, sweaters and booties our tiny Marine Corps Kid heroes will need in the coming months.

There are many babies expected in the coming months, and I hope we can send gifts to all of them.

Whether you sew, knit or crochet, please consider sending gifts for the kids. If you're not a crafter but would like to contribute, you can choose to purchase a gift from our Marine Corps Kids store.

Pl0ease help us by spreading the word about our cause. We want to reach as many crafters and as many Service families as we can, and we rely on word of mouth to let people know that we're here!

Thank you all for your continued support!!

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