Sunday, November 25, 2012

With Sincere Thanks

Two very large boxes arrived via Fed Ex yesterday from the Magnolia Senior Center in Long Beach, NY.  The wonderful women in this group have donated to Marine Corps Kids on several occasions, and their generosity and talented are always inspiring. 

This week's packages were accompanied by the following letter. 

 Please click on the letter to read it.  It is amazing.

The Magnolia Senior Center was damaged during Hurricane Sandy, and many of the members of this group were evacuated from their homes and/or sustained damage.  All the work that they have done all year for Marine Corps Kids, however, was spared from the floods and shipped to us this week. 

Below are just a few photos showing a sampling of the gorgeous gifts made by the ladies.

To see more photos of their work, please view the dedicated photo album on our Facebook page.

Please join me in thanking these women for their amazing donations, and in wishing them and their families well in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

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Karen I. said...

Thank you so much for the beautiful items for the kids. I can see many smiles coming in the near future.