Saturday, October 20, 2012

Many gifts from friends in Wisconsin

Karen from Wisconsin has been sewing for Marine Corps Kids for several years, and has been very active in helping to spread the word about what we do and recruit new crafters to join us.  Now, many of her friends join her in making gifts for the babies! 

This week a large box arrived from Wisconsin with gifts from Karen, her sister Janet, and friends Jill and Jackie.

Karen made 8 micro-fleece receiving blankets and 50 burp cloths!

Jill Crocheted this darling baby blanket:

This knitted baby sweater was made by Jackie:
and Janet crocheted these three sweaters, blanket, hat and booties:

Thank you ladies so much for these lovely gifts!  I love that you all work together to create these things for the babies!  I am packing up more gifts this weekend, and know that the families who receive these beautifully crafted items will be thrilled!!!

I appreciate your continued support!