Friday, August 12, 2011

Thank you, Sandie

Sandie from Louisiana contacted me to ask if Marine Corps Kids could use some almost finished items. I, of course, said yes!!

This package arrived in the mail today. In it were a darling jack-o-lantern cocoon and hat, a sweater, a preemie blanket, a hat, and and 7 squares. They are basically finished, they just need to have the ends woven in.

Sandie even sent some pink yarn and instructions on the square patterns so that I could make more squares to attach to these.

Thank you, Sandie. These items are really complete and just need a few minutes of finishing work. We can definitely find good homes for them!


Sandie said...

I had to clear out my craft room on short notice and thought of your good work. Glad the items could be used to bring a smile to some sweet faces.

Sandie said...

Had to clear out my craft room in a hurry and thought of the good work done at Marine Corps Kids. Glad you can use the items. Hope they will bring a smile to some tiny faces.