Thursday, October 1, 2009

Here's Looking at You, Judy!

Judy T. is one of our most prolific donors. Over the years she has sent it beautiful crochet hats, sweaters and toys as well as plastic canvas and foam art pieces. Thank you, Judy, for all you do for Marine Corps Kids!

What brought you to Marine Corps Kids? My best friend's grandson had just joined the Marines and when I saw MCK on a list of charities I knew it was meant to be.

You make and donate so many beautiful things using so many crafting techniques. What crafts do you enjoy and how did you get started with them? I have been doing crafts for years. My mother taught me to knit and crochet, which was difficult as I am left handed. But I picked it up with a twist to my stitches and a new look. I did needlepoint and then fell in love with counted cross stitch. That became my passion for years. When I lost the nimbleness and dexterity in my fingers I gave it up. I also like working with plastic canvas. When arthritis forced me to retire

I started to crochet again and now that has become my passion. Along with MCK I make baby blankets for the local hospital and lapghans for veterans in local VA hospitals. I also crochet for friends.

When you aren't crafting, how do you enjoy to spend your free time? I do ceramics with friends one day a week. I love puzzles (crossword especially) on the computer. I write poetry and belong to an online group where I can post them. I have just been adopted by a rescue cat and we are getting to know each other. It is my first experience with a cat and I am loving it. Spending time with friends is also a plus.

How big is your yarn stash? Are you a SABLE* crafter? (*Stash Accumulated Beyond Life Expectancy) I have a friend who is a SABLE and she supplies me with all the yarn I need. I have a fair stash but don't think I would qualify as a SABLE. I have been lucky in the fact that most of my yarn these past years has all be donated. I could not have crocheted as much if I had to purchase all the yarn myself.

If you had $100 for a shopping spree at your favorite craft store, what would be in your shopping basket? YARN YARN YARN YARN

Safety First! Have you ever suffered a crafting-related injury or mishap? Not really

No waffling on this one: Chocolate or Vanilla? Vanilla (it is also my favortie scent for body spray)

Finish the sentence:In the kitchen I make a great: Crock-pot Tex-Mex chicken. (and a bowl of cereal)

Have you or any of your family served in the armed forces? My father was in the army( WWII. )I was 10 months old when he got home and saw me for the first time. I also had a cousin who was a Marine.

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Sandy said...

Darling...could you point me to Judy's blog, would love to chat with her about those darling crocheted tooth toys.

So unusual.