Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More cute things from Judy!

Yesterday I received a box of goodies from Judy in Pennsylvania. Judy, always delights me with her cute creations. She makes the most adorable crocheted toys and stuffed animals that are just perfect for tiny baby hands. I know that the kids will love playing with these adorable creations. Judy calls them her "silly's", but I'm not sure what is silly about all the love that she puts into these donations!!

In addition to the toys, Judy sent some hats, sweaters, and booties for the babies. It's all beautiful!!!

Judy also sent 8 pairs of slippers that will fit some of the older kids!

I'm going to0 be packing up a box to send tonight. These toys and garments along with the blankets and quilts that I received recently from Ruth and Gailya will make for some great gifts for our newborn Marine Corps Babies!!!

Thank you, Judy, for this fabulous package and for all you're done to support our Military families!

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