Friday, February 27, 2009

Gailya does it Again!

I know that Gailya is unbelievably talented, but every time she sends another box for Marine Corps Kids, I'm just rendered speechless! Luckily, I can still type, so I can show you the beautiful things that she sent for the babies!!

The first photo shows 12 burp clothes. These are contoured to fit over the shoulder, and are made with a variety of adorable cloth patterns. Very beautifully made and very practical!

The second photo is just 2 of 24 fleece and ribbon blankies. These are soft pieces of fleece with different color and textured ribbons sewn around the edges. Babies love to feel the texture of the ribbons. My niece was given a similar gift when she was very little. Now she's over two, and it's still her security blanket. I know that the Marine Babies will love these!

The next photo shows 2 quilted changing pads. Perfect for the nursery or to throw in the diaper bag for on the go changings.

The last two photos show one of the most magnificent patch-work quilts I have ever seen! I couldn't manage to take a photo that does justice to this work of art. I tried to take a detail shot, but you really not not grasp how incredibly beautiful this quilt is! So many pieces of fabric where precisely cut and sewn together to make this intricately patterned quilt. One of our Marine Moms will be delighted to receive this, and I'm sure it will become a family heirloom!

Thank you Gailya for all these gifts and for your continued support of Marine Corps Kids!


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My Heart felt gratitude to all that have contributed your time, talents and treasures to keep this going STRONG. I hope one day I will be able to donate even a small % of what has ben done here and with the same love.