Monday, December 29, 2008

The Babies are Coming!

There are so many uncertainties in life, and things happen in their own time. One thing that you can pretty much count on though, is that nine months after troops return from deployment, a lot of tiny Marines will start to report for duty.

In the coming months and throughout the year, many babies will be born to our military families. While each birth is a wonderful blessing, it is sad that many of these babies will have to wait to meet their daddies who are away on deployment. That's why its so important that our Marine Corps Kids gifts don't stop after the holidays. We want to be able to send care packages to as many babies and military moms as we can.

Just today I made contact with two new volunteers on Marine bases. In 2009 Marine Corps Kids will continue to expand and our efforts will reach even more families.

Please continue to be as generous as you can.

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