Monday, November 24, 2008

Thank you, Lynn!!

Lynn from Arizona sent another box of her wonderful baby hats. I didn't get an exact count, but there are at least 150 adorable hats in this shipment - many of them in red and white for the holidays.

She also included photo's of her adorable twin granddaughters modeling grandma's work.

Those little angels are adorable, Lynn! They are wonderful models for your hats!!!

Thanks for sending so many hats and for sending the photos of your sweet grand babies!!!

edited: I edited this post because I made a horrible mistake. I listed these hats as being sent by Judy, but they were sent by Lynn from AZ. Lynn, I'm so so sorry!!!

Lynn is one of our most active donors who has made more hats that I can count for Marine Corps Kids. Lynn, I'd know your hats anywhere, and I apologize for my mistake!!! Wishing you and your adorable grandbabies a wonderful Holiday Season!

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Karen I. said...

What darling little models!That is alot of cute hats.