Sunday, August 17, 2008

Thank you, Jody!!!

These lovely knit and crochet items came from Jody in Florida!

They are even more sweet in person!! The little sweaters and the dress are absolutely adorable! The small bundles that you see are wonderful cotton bib and washcloth sets, and really wonderful socks (I tried crocheting socks exactly once, and am in awe of all of you who can do them and have them turn out right!).

Thank you so much, Jody! Our new moms will love receiving these darling gifts!!!


Sandy said...

Pooey...not getting the picture to see the cute donation.


Karen I. said...

Me neither.

Wormie said...

I re-loaded the photo. I hope you all can see it now!!! Jody's work is precious!!

Sandy said...

Thanks Wormie for reloading....adorable! Love the idea of tying the cute bundle of bib and washcloth.

Beautiful work Jody!