Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Thank you, Sandy!!

Many thanks to Sandy from Ohio for her beautiful donations!! These lovely items arrived last week, and this is the first chance I've had to photograph and share them on the blog!

Sandy, your work is beautiful! The blanket is fabulous, and the hats are just adorable. I love the texture and design of each, but I think that the blue and yellow cap is my favorite!

I know that our military mom's will just love these items. Thank you so much for supporting our military families through Operation Marine Corps Kids!!


Sandy said...

You are more than welcome. Just now checking back and glad to know you've received the items. Your picture of the 4 hats turned out better than mine did, so hope you don't mind..I saved a copy on my computer.


Karen I. said...

Great work!

Wormie said...

Sandy, if you're reading this, one of our other donors, Lynn, e-mailed me to say how lovely your work is and to inquire if these hat patterns are available somewhere. Lynn makes a lot of hats, and would love to try these if the patterns can be shared. If so, can you post a link or send me an e-mail? Thanks!

Sandy said...

I'm a sit of pants type crocheter most of the time Lynn & Wormie. I didn't really use a pattern. Thanks for your sweet compliment. Basically, I chain 4-5-6 (depending on what size I'm trying to make). Do anywhere around 12-15 dc into the ring. 2nd row typically I do 2 dc in each stitch, next row every other or every third is 2dc with singles inbetween. I continue in that mode for 2 or 3 rows depending on how big it looks and what I'm going for. Then straight rows and it will begin to take shape. Switch to sc for band. The constrasting eding is what they call long sc...down into the previous row. Each one was done a bit differently, but the yellow and blue constrasting yellow is sc normally, next sc down into previous row, next on sc down 2 rows, next sc down 3 rows, then 2 rows, then 1 then sc. to make like hills and valleys...wavey.

One of the hats was sc alternating with sc down into previous row for a zigzag effect. One I think I did 2 sc and one down to previous row, 2 sc. You can really mix it up; but it does make a fun and nice edging. I used front post dc on the pink hat for added texture.

Thanks again