Saturday, February 2, 2008

Operation: Love ReUnited

Many thanks to my friend Maryanne who posted about Operation: Love ReUnited!

Like Operation Marine Corps Kids donors, the photographers involved in Operation: Love ReUnited are offering their time and talent to say thank you to our service men and women and their families. I think that they're doing some amazing work, and wanted to help spread the word about their efforts.

The founder of Operation: Love ReUnited, a photographer and Air Force wife, posted this about the organization's efforts:

I started a foundation called Operation: Love ReUnited. OpLove supports U.S. Military Enlisted Families with patriotic images of their enlistment, importantly before a deployment, and more importantly at their reunion when the deployment has terminated and the soldier is safely home- most people are so overwhelmed by emotions they forget to simply point and shoot their child's first hug after MONTHS of being apart from their daddy or mommy.

OpLove helps families find supporting photographers in their area to take patriotic images of their family before a deployment and then again at their homecoming usually in an airport. The photographers waive all sitting fees, and send a 4x6 printed album of the pre-deployment images to the deployed soldier at no cost to the family once he or she are stationed. The photographer can then offer the family any amount of courtesy products or prints, percentages off- they see fit. The website is only to help families locate a photographer. The families are not obligated to purchase anything.

Many photographers all over the nation are involved with this project. Here is a link to some photos that one photographer in Oregon took in 2007. The photos are beautiful and I can only imagine how they would be cherished by our military families.

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